Own your unit upon the first installment at the highest location in East Side Mall

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Own your unit upon the first installment at the highest location in East Side Mall

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East Side Services
Services within East Side Mall offers essential and entertainment services, ensuring that whatever the customers need will be within reach. This also makes it a valuable investment opportunity.

Advanced maintenance services are carried out on a regular basis.
Large parking spaces to accommodate up to 800 cars, to maintain the cars and prevent traffic congestion.
The mall relies on solar power for 50% of its power needs, which contributes to a healthy environment and a clean atmosphere.
There’s a dedicated track for jogging, hiking, and cycling, implemented in the midst of stunning scenery. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air while practicing their favorite sport.
Beautiful gardens with a variety of trees, giving the landscape a stunning appearance.
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Unit prices
This mall balances integrated services with reasonable prices, making it a prime investment opportunity. Prices are as follows:

The prices of commercial units range from 50,000 EGP to 70,000 EGP per square meter.
The price per meter for medical units starts from 25,000 EGP to 40,000 EGP (semi finishing).
Clinics and administrative offices start at 5,000 EGP.
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Payment systems

Castle developments provides a variety of payment systems to their customers, which means they only need a small down payment to book their unit, with installments available over extended periods of time. They can also choose the system that best suits them from below:

5% down payment, and the remaining amount in installments over 4 years.
10% down payment and the remaining amount is paid within two years, with 10% paid upon receiving the unit.
15% down payment at the time of booking and the rest is paid over 6 years, with a payment of 10% on unit delivery.
In addition to paying a 10% maintenance payment.
The company announced that all units will be delivered within 2 years from the date of the contract.
https://realestate.eg/en/17673-commerci ... l-compound

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