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Where can i buy a vibrator online

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Where can i buy a vibrator online

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How to put batteries in vibrator


How to make my own vibrator

Keys to be happy with your partner
The couple is a fundamental part of the day to day and we must know how to keep the flame alive even if it sometimes seems difficult. For this, there are a series of guidelines to follow that help each day be like the first and that the illusion remains intact no matter what happens.
Enter the monotony and get bored does not usually give positive results in the relationship and the first thought that comes to mind is that it is time to end the relationship, close that stage of love and start thinking that meeting other people is not so bad but everything has a solution.

One of the keys is to break with the monotony of the relationship
Keeping the flame of love alive is a simple task if you know the tools and the keys to carry it out but it can become a complex process if you let a lot of time pass without taking action as the couple goes into a spiral of bad mood, problems, discussions and it is difficult to get out of there.
Likewise, a happy person within the couple leads to success in other areas of their lives since relationships are a fundamental pillar. Happiness at home helps improve professional and family relationships because it improves the mood and desire to do all kinds of things.
To achieve a good relationship of a couple that is based on happiness and love, we must follow the keys listed below because the monotony, which leads to boredom, is one of the most common reasons for the breakup of a relationship. can avoid
Keys to keep love alive Objectives: The first key that must be taken into account is to assess the couple's objectives. That is, you have to sit down and talk to know if the other person wants the same thing, if they want one kind of relationship or another and make that clear because otherwise it will lead to problems in the future.
Communication is absolutely necessary to expose problems and try to solve them
This point must be made in the first moments of the relationship. In many cases this topic is not discussed and while one of the two seeks a long-term and stable relationship, the other just wants to have fun for a few months without any kind of commitment that extends over time.
Friends: Secondly, you should not leave your friends aside when there is a couple, since both parties need to disconnect from their respective relationships and see their old friends to talk about other issues, surround themselves with more people, have their own space and leave room for the other member of the couple.
You can join friends and the couple without problem. Nor should you abuse friendships and leave out the other member of the relationship because it can also be harmful. It is necessary to achieve a balance between the couple and the friends so that it is an effective key.
Day of couple: It is also recommended to mark one day a week in the agenda to devote exclusively to be with the couple and spend a romantic day, happy, with no one who can interrupt and putting an extra point of passion to make it unforgettable and feel like repeating it.
It is advisable to spend a day or a few hours a week doing original activities as a couple
A dinner in a restaurant, go to the cinema to see a movie that pleases both, go to the theater or anywhere that allows a disconnection of the rest of the elements from day to day but always with a romantic touch and giving free rein to the passion, as in the first appointments.
Do sport: Another key is to play sports often to clear the mind, to be in good physical shape, with a good self-esteem and happy. If the two members of the couple are happy with themselves, it is easier for them to be happy with everything that happens to them in life, including their life as a couple.
Sport is a fundamental habit both individually and at the level of a couple. Besides advantages in the health of people, practicing sports on a regular basis gives a happiness that translates into a good mood both with the couple and with friends, family and coworkers.
Personal image: One of the habitual behaviors that usually leads to problems is that one of the members of the couple stops fixing and dresses in any way. That is a mistake since you always have to maintain a good personal image with the other member of the relationship. In addition, it is advisable not to neglect even the underwear to surprise the couple at any time if given the opportunity.
Do not go well in terms of the personal image in the day to day does not leave good feelings because a little cologne or perfume, elegant clothes, get fixed gives the feeling that the person is happy and that is happy with everything around him .
Relaxation, hygiene and personal image are factors that influence
Children: The presence of children in the home, when the couple has decided to take a step forward and increase the family nucleus, can give slam to some of the keys cited above but must always strive to meet them as they are essential at the time to ensure the well-being of the relationship.
Also, for those couples who have children, it is recommended that they sleep as soon as possible in their own room since the master bedroom is a private space for the couple in which to give free rein to their romanticism and their passion without anyone bothering them.
In the case of having children, it is advisable that they have a space for him or her
If the relationship is in neutral or the situation has become more tense, with regular discussions and frequent problems do not worry as you can redirect the situation by applying the keys indicated above but it would take a little more time.
You have to try to make more emphasis on each of the points, be very friendly and have a lot of patience because the results will not reach the first day. If the two members of the couple want their relationship to go ahead and improve there is no option for failure.

How to use a thrusting vibrator

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